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מכונת הכסף – רובוט SEO לבניית לינקים אוטומטית

מה עושה הרובוט הזה בו אני משתמש בכל האתרים?

הרובוט בונה לינקים מכל הסוגים על ידי חיפוש אוטומטי של מילות מפתח והדבקה של הלינק שלכם בתגובות כולל הסבר.

  • עבודה במהירות גבוהה

  • מכונת הכסף עובד במהירות גבוהה. עד  100 פוסטים בו זמנית.

    עבודה חכמה

  • יצירת חשבונות אוטומטית ללא מגע יד אדם. הרובוט מזהה את הנדרש כדי לפתוח חשבון ועושה זאת בעצמו.
  • שינוי אוטומטי של הדפדפן

  • הרובוט עובד בסימולציה של כל הדפדפנים המוכרים ומחליף בינהם ועושה הכל בסימולציה של “בן אנוש” כך שעבודתו לא מזוהה.

  • לא נדרשת יותר עבודה למציאת רשימות אתרים המאפשרים הערות עם לינקים

  • כל העבודה נעשית בשרת העוצמתי של הרובוט

    לכל המאמרים שלך יהיה ספינינג וכתיבה מחדש

    לכל התגובות תהיה עריכה מחדש של התגובה למניעת אפשרות זיהוי ותוצאות טובות יותר..

  • כל הליקנקים ייבדקו אוטומטית כל הזמן לבדוק שהם חיים

  • אפשרות לבדיקת הלינקים בקלות כדי לדעת האם הם עדיין חיים כדי לבצע את קידום האתרים שלכם אוטומטית
  • תמיכה חינם

  • תוכלו לקבל תמיכה חינם לכל הצרכים שלכם באמצעות צ’ט או טלפון

  • בצורה אוטומטית תעודכן רשימת האתרים שלך

    כל יום הרובוט סורק ומזהה אפשרויות חדשות עבורך.

  • זיהוי קפצ’ה אוטומטי

  • זיהוי קפצ’ה אוטומטי בחינם כדי לאפשר את עבודת הרובות.

  • החזר כספי מובטח ל7 ימים +7 ימי ניסיון חינם.

    קנה כאן!

Using Article Directories For Marketing

The internet is one of the cheapest and most widely used forms of marketing today, and every day there more and more people taking advantage of this. Although there are many ways to go about this, one way that is highly effective is using Article Directories, which are website that allow people to their articles for free. Many businesses use article directories to inform readers about their company’s product or services and then link it back to their business’s website. Although there are hundreds of article directory websites, a well-written article that is Search Engine Optimized can easily increase traffic to the intended website. There are some things to consider when using article directories and here are a couple tips that can help you make the right decision.

Is It In The Budget

Making sure that your article has the intended marketing affect, you need make sure that the article is well-written by SEO writers who have done some research on what keywords would bring the most traffic. You will want to make sure that an investment in an SEO writer will bring the intended visits.

Find The Right Article Directory

Since there are hundreds of article directories available, finding one that meets the needs of your company is important. You will want to make sure that the directory has an author or research box and has a space for you to fill in information about your business, such as company, website, job title and maybe even a short biography.

How to get articles for your website?

The question ‘How to get unique and relevant articles’ for your project seems obvious at the very first glance. You should just sit with your laptop and write them, using your keywords base.

However, not every owner of the website has enough time and skills to provide enough content. That’s why we offer you look through this article and get some ideas about this.

1.Ask your marketers

If you run a small business company that sells something, you probably have some guys who promote your Facebook page, find your customers and offers your services to them. If you pay those guys for marketing, you could probably try to ask them about writing some articles in a month. It won’t be difficult for them, but it’s still really helpful for your project.

2.Ask your customers

Your clients is a second interesting source of the content you need. For example, you could ask them to provide a review of your product, or probably to tell anything about your company and your service. There are different ways to make other people become interested in your offer. So, think about it.

3.Hire a writer

If none of the described ways fits your business model, the only solution that may be used by you is hiring a copywriter.

For doing this you should open a project at some special service (like Upwork or Freelancer) and offer some price per article or per 100 words of the content you need.

A hired person is much better to work with. You can specify your task or change it, you need.


Is guest blogging still effective?

Such a tool of the content marketing, as guest blogging, has been known for several years already. Many bloggers exchange with posts, writing to each other’s projects. However, the same strategies are being used even today. Does it mean that guest blogging still works? And can we use it for promoting our business?

Well, several things should be clarified. The first one is the quality of the blog we are going to post our article to. If it’s a really old and trustworthy project with many subscribers and followers, you will definitely benefit from exchanging with blog posts with it. From the other point of view, it’s not that easy to find such a project that would be ready to work with you (especially if your own blog is new).

The obvious thing you shouldn’t do is posting to spammy, projects with lots of external links and without a useful and interesting content.

The second thing that should be clarified is the outcomes that you expect. Do you want to get good SEO rankings for your blog after the guest posting? Or maybe you’d like to simply have more traffic from the guest blog? Or should you combine your strategies for both of the aims?

Analyse the blog that you would like to work with and you’ll see on your own, how can it influence your rankings and what is the amount of traffic you can count on from it. Also, pay attention to other guest posts on that blog and analyse their quality.


Guidelines may produce a huge amount of traffic for your website

Do you know This project is one of the most popular in the world, working in the niche of guidelines (so-called ‘How to’ articles). Of course, it’s far not the only example of a successful project which deals with tutorials and guidelines. Thousands of smaller websites are popular and highly demanded as well. The niche itself is aimed at connecting more users with really useful projects.

Why people need websites with guidelines?

The need for guidelines is permanent. Everyone faces new problems in different niches: you lost your Apple ID pass and you’d like to recover it; you installed some malware programme that shows you some annoying ads; your car was broken and you’d like to detect the issue. The examples may be countless, but all of them lead to searching for some information. That’s where a person in trouble needs a good and informative ‘how to’ project. That’s where you may offer your website.

What should I start writing about?

Guidelines are great, but this niche is extremely competitive. Tonnes of websites like exist; their contributors generate hundreds of articles, related to different problems. That’s why starting writing: “How to install Windows 7” or “How to start a blog” is a stupid solution – your website won’t have any chances to beat the competition. Instead, you should focus on some narrow niche, dealing with specific questions.

That’s why doing an article marketing in ‘guidelines’ niche should be started with a good research. Find a niche then find a range of problems that were not described on the other websites yet. And launch your project with hundreds of posts, describing the solution.