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Inexpensive Ways To Advertise Your Business – Part One

Google AdWords

Google AdWords and PPC [pay-per-click] can give you crazy amounts of traffic if you are tight with your campaign and run niche ad groups,” explained Andrew Riker an SEO specialist at WordStream. “Focused, long-tail keywords that are specific to your industry will cause the highest possible click-through rate and in-turn conversions.”

Riker adds that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of traffic. “A small daily budget—$10-$20/day—can provide you with a large amount of traffic and in turn qualified leads, as long as the ad is relevant,” he said. If you’re new to AdWords or just want to keep up with the latest tips and info, be sure to check out Inside Adwords, Google’s official resource blog on all things AdWords.

Facebook Ads

“We tried print ads and banner ads, but for our money Facebook Ads provide us with the most focused consumers,” explained Chris Knollmeyer, Web manager for Carolina Rustica. “Being able to target specific demographics lets us pinpoint people we have not reached yet and provides us with a platform to reach out to them. This kind of targeting allows us to minimize extemporaneous clicks from consumers [who are] just browsing or searching for information and gets us the most for our money.”

“Facebook ads have definitely been the most successful overall,” concurred Megan LaBant Abrahamsen, the owner of Blue Star Bazaar. “I can set a small budget (less than $10 per day) and target specific customers – [by] age, gender, education and interests similar to my product categories.”

Even if people don’t immediately make a purchase because of the Facebook ad, many of them wind up “liking” her business, she said, which lets Blue Star Bazaar create a database of potential customers.


Should you choose Bing?

Real brand reputation management requires an understanding of the complex ecosystem of sites where users can possibly interact with your brand. Included in that are search engines, business accreditation and social media sites.

Having the entire first page of Google to your site is an excellent step in establishing your brands reputation, but why stop there?

Google, as popular as it is, is not the best search engine in the world, only the most popular. The second most popular, according to the MaycomScore rankings, is Bing sharing the market with Google at 17.4%, 13% more than May 2012. Microsoft is trying to establish Bing’s reputation (successfully so far). Apple announced that Bing will be the “default search engine” for Siri. This will be done so users, when asking Siri a question; will get the specific answer or relevant web links even faster. An aggressive marketing campaign and business decisions leading to increased market share are one of the reasons to focus on Bing.

One more reason is their unique demographics. According to Alexa (an Amazon company for web analysis), users age 45-65 and over are over-representing on Bing as compared to Google. The same age demographic is also the fastest growing on Facebook.


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