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Writing a good article – what should you pay attention to?

Writing is like an art – it can’t be measured or defined in any traditional way. It’s a free flow of thoughts, which is individual for any person. That’s why we can’t teach you, how you should write your articles and what you should write about. However, we can provide you with some useful tips, which can help you create your good article, become its basis. These are the tips for improving your article, making it better and easier-to-be-read. Here they are.

1.The length

The length of the article is a very important criteria. Everyone, who starts reading an article, evaluates its length first, in order to understand, how informative this article is. If you are writing the short note, it must be, let’s say, 200-250 words long. If you need some ‘How to’ tutorial, it’s better to make some longer product, in the length of 500-1000 words, etc.


Another moment, you should pay attention to, is the content. What do you write in your article about? Do you expand the topic enough for your reader? Will your article be useful enogh for those, who decided to read it? These questions define, how informative your content is. They also influence the importance of your note as well.

3.Formatting and pictures

Last, but not least question is your article’s format. Does it look like good enough? Do you have some attractive photos in your article? Answer these questions and change the format of your perfect article!

The main benefits of article marketing

Talking about the ways to promote any idea, any product or service, we could mention several ways. All of them can bring us to some positive results, but not all of them are really affordable and effective, from the point of view of cost (we mean either money, or some labor resource). Those specialists, who work with article marketing, claim, that it’s the most effective tool for your product. Here is why.

  1. It attracts your user. While and other form of advertisement distracts user, makes him annoying and even angry, – the articles, concerning the benefits of your product, can become attractive and interesting-to be-read. Your customers will visit your article page on their own; they’ll search for your information and they’ll be happy once, they’ll find it.
  2. It brings value for your website. If you post your articles on your resource, the make it more interesting, more successful and more profitable as well. The overall value of the website increases with time.
  3. It’s eternal. The article, published on your website, will always be available for those, who use search in order to find any materials for this topic. It means, that your articles will be able to bring new customers for you in a year or more for free.
  4. It’s organic. Articles look more naturally either for clients or the search engines. You can’t reach same effect with no budget at ill, if you use any other marketing tool.

Articles are widely used for promoting interesting stuff, so that you can use them as well!