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Quality of the content matters

Many people, who run their websites, saying about the content marketing, don’t actually mean the quality. It’s more likely for them to follow the quantity of the content they produce. For example, sometimes a new website is posting some articles, which are heavily optimized for the search engines and linked with other projects. As a result, these pages have good chances to get into the top of Google SERP, in order to bring some new visitors for its owner. However, is it everything you need for success? Definitely, no. The actual quality of content matters.

When you do SEO, you prefer thinking of the search engines and their algorithms, rather than of the people, who read your articles. As a result, the content, posted on your website, may be boring and meaningless, distracting your users. It will have a negative effect on your whole marketing campaign – the specialists claim. Here is why.

Search engines track not just the number of links and the <H> tags of your content. Another important factor, for example, is a behaviour of the user, who visits your page. If your website visitor is interested in the content you post – he will visit other posts, add some of them into the bookmarks, spend more time on the website you run. On the other hand, if your visitor closes the tab in first 10 seconds – it’s an obvious sign, that your website is not interesting for him. That’s why Google will probably lower your rank.

It’s the issue of content quality. Don’t think, that you can fill the page with keywords and drive the traffic. You can do it once, but in general, the long-term SEO can bring you much more profits, than you think. That’s why good content matters.


Where can you submit your articles?

Many webmasters look for the places, where they can submit their articles. What do they need it for? And where it’s better to leave your content? Let’s figure it out!
First of all, we’d like to discuss the aim of posting your articles on the websites. What is it needed for? The answer is simple – in order to leave the links of your website for increasing its rank. The higher your project’s rank is – the more visitors it will get. Rank influences your website position on the results page, so that it’s extremely important for any webmaster. So, where can you post the articles with your link? Here are some ideas to start with.
1.Article directories. It’s a classical way to get your backlink somewhere on the web – to post them, let’s say, on ezinearticles. It’s either a chance for some new visitors, or a good SEO step for your project ranking.
2.Free blogs. There are many free blogging platforms on the web. They include blogger, wordpress, livejournal and many others. Using them, you can run several dozens of websites, which will become good backlinks for your website. Just keep posting the content with your project’s links and Google will help you.
3.Other sites. If you want get some backlinks from another site of your niche, you can simply contact its owner and ask him for articles exchange (or it’s also called the guest posting). In such a way, you will get the backlink, either as he will.

How to write an amazingly popular article?

Writing articles is fun for many people, who love blogging, social communication and so on. However, according to some statistics, available online, every day almost 2 million blog posts are published all over the world. It’s a huge amount of content, which fills the web rapidly. So that, if you start your blog with a hope, that you’ll drive some new visitors to it, you are, probably, wrong. The chances, that your posts will just get lost in this lavine of posts and notes, are high. So you should use some special strategies, in order to promote things you write. In this article, we’d like to advise you such an approach to marketing.

There is a good technique, which allows you to define, which type of content you should write next. It’s based on the reverse analysis of your competitors. The idea of this strategy is extremely simple, but the results, it can bring, are amazing.

You should start analyzing the content your competitors write. The special attention should be paid to the top-ranked posts, which became viral. This type of content has already proven its popularity among the users, so your chances for ‘repeating’ this success are pretty high.

You should take someone’s content, which has already been popular and improve it. By improving we mean adding something ‘delicious’, that will be liked by your reader. This is just stealing of the idea, which will be improved by you. After this promote your articles among people, who like this kind of content. Social networks, forums and blogging platforms may seem to be the ideal places for this.

Using article directories for promoting your site

Today there are thousands of various article directories on the web. Most of them are free, allowing you to post any amount of the content you want. So that it means, you can add different kinds of content, including articles about your business. Why do you need it and what can it be used for? Read about that in this article.

There can be different reasons for posting your content on the other websites. For example, increasing of visitors from popular platforms, like Medium or Quora, can be one of them. However, in order to bring some users to your website, your articles should be really interesting and informative. People should be interested in a topic, you are writing about, or they won’t even glance at your article. However, the popularity of your account on the particular service, you are working with, plays a huge role in this case. You can post extremely interesting content, which won’t be notice by any user. As a result, you will get no visitors at all.

Another benefit, which can be brought by submitting your articles to the directories, is the citation rank. The more hyperlinks are left in your articles, the higher citation index your website gets. As a result, search engines use this parameter in order to rank your website in their SERP.

Sometimes article directories can be extremely cheap and effective tool. All you need is lots of content – it can be ordered from copywriters. This strategy will result in higher positions for your website and the bigger amount of visits as well.