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New ideas to write about

If you run a website, especially – several ones, – you may face a problem, which may be called ‘the lack of ideas’. It’s a pretty common problem for creative people, like photographers, designers, writers and so on – for those, who create something, being inspired. If you run your blog, related to some certain topic, you may face this problem as well – at one moment you will have nothing to write about. That’s when our today’s article will help you.

In this post, we’d like to describe a simple technique, which allows finding some interesting ideas to write about. It’s quite a productive way to generate them, because you can repeat the process as many times as you wish, wasting not so much time for this. So, here is the technique itself.

Psychologists recommend you to choose some quiet place and get calmed. In this situation, your inspiration starts working the best. After that, you should start thinking about the general topic of your project and its niche. You have to answer several questions, which will bring you the ideas you need. For example: “what makes this niche so attractive to you?” or “why is this niche better than the others?” More questions: “what tools are used in this niche?” and “Who is the most successful in your niche?”. The number of questions is not limited – you can continue creating and asking them.

As a result, you get several answers (which should be written on a sheet). Using them, you can finally generate new ideas. Write about the most successful people, about their success and failures. Express your attitude. Make a research, and so on. Good luck!!


Link building for your website

Every website owner knows, that the best results in his SEO strategy may be achieved only with the help of combining of several strategies. We mean both so-called ‘internal’ and ‘external’ search engine optimization. In this article, we’d like to talk about the external SEO, or the link-building strategy, which may be successfully used with the article marketing.

The whole process of link building may be developed in different ways. They include either whitehat (links, integrated into articles) or blackhat methods (using cracked websites, doorways, spam etc). It’s not a surprise, that the second group may bring some faster results, but their actual effect may last much less. On the other hand, white link building may guarantee you a long time of high positioning in Google and others SEs. That’s why we’d advise you to choose this way.

Whitehat SEO includes link building strategies, which relate to articles writing and their further submission to various directories and blog platforms (depending on the type of the content you create). So, as you can see, this approach is rather costly, though it gives some great results in the end. More information about article directories may be found in some of our previous articles.

Link building with articles is also a great way to drive some more direct organic traffic to your project. Let’s say, if you post your articles to some highly ranked platform, they will definitely take some of the first positions in Google – and the readers will follow your links, in order to get more information. It’s a secondary benefit, which costs nothing to you in the result.

How to write an autoresponse email?

Using autoresponse email services or software is a good way to connect with your customers directly. However, it’s something like a ‘cold mailing’. The only difference is that these people have already made a purchase of your product or subscribed your mailing list – depends on the source of your mailing list. However, it doesn’t mean, that they’ll be glad to receive a mail from you. So, how to write an autoresponse email?

1.Be polite as much as possible

If you write to your potential customers, you must be polite as much, as possible. Thank them for subscribing your list. Thank them for reading this mail, for wasting their time. Write them, that you are glad to receive any question from them.

2.Let them unsubscribe

Let your readers to leave your subscription. It’s a ‘must-have’ thing – the simple, but effective button or link with ‘Unsubscribe’ text. A person, who you mail to, has to have a right for unsubscribing from your mails.


Everyone loves receiving something personal. Call your reader by name, try to make your mails personal – it will definitely bring the attention of your customers to your company.

4.Offer something valuable

Don’t try to simply sell something. Try to bring value to your subscriber. Share something you have, in order to get more loyal customers in the future. Give some useful tips to your reader, make him interested in your field.

And don’t forget to run various experiments. Testing allows you to find the best solution ever.

How to increase the conversion rate with your article?

Any article, if you are running some commercial website, can be a great conversion tool, that will generate the decent amount of money for you. Here are some tips on how to write an article, that will increase the conversion rate of your sales.


Headline is everything – it attracts the attention of a user. In order to get some successful conversions, you should think well about the title of your article (which will be its heading as well). Use “Top 10…”, “The Secret of…”, “The best ways to…” and so on. People love such headings.


You should include a big, shiny button into your article, which leads the visitor where you need to. If you sell some stuff, it should be a “Buy” button. If you need some new users – it will be “Sign Up”, etc.


Images of the product you sell and the happy customers, who already own it, are necessary. They must be good-looking and attractive as well, in order to get more sales and leads.


You should get some nice fonts for writing your pitch text. Fonts must be great, in order to make a good impression on your reader.


People love buying things, that are limited in any way. For example, running a special discount, that will end up tomorrow; or giving away the last two products or any other similar technique is a great way to sell anything.



Article directories – is it worth it?

Numerous article directories are used for promoting thousands of websites all over the web. We can easily name some of the most popular directories, like ezinearticles, which publish ton of the content each day. For the usual webmasters, who run the websites, these directories are a good way to increase traffic and deliver the content to your potential visitors. Here is how it works.

If you want to get some new links for your website, as well as to find some new visitors (clicking these links), you should write an article for the platform you work with. Let’s say, it’s ezinearticles. So you just choose the niche, make a small research and write the content, which you would like to post.

An article directory website, which gets a unique interesting content from you, allows to put some external links into your article. Let’s say, it would be 3-4 backlinks for your website.

As a result, the article gets indexed by Google, the directory page gets some traffic (if you optimize it well) and the visitors, willing to learn more, click your links. Looks like promising, but it’s not so easy.

There is no chance, that the article directories page will get into the top results of the search engine. As a result, we can’t say, that you get the real visitors for sure. Besides, writing a couple of articles won’t make a huge change for the rank of your website. In order to get some real results, you should definitely use 10+ articles, posted on various platforms. It’s obvious, that it will cost you some $50-100 to create all of this content.

So, article directories are good for promoting, but you should count the actual costs for time and money first. Besides, the positive result of such work is not guaranteed.