How to make your articles bring you more traffic?

It may be a surprising fact for you, but any article that you have already posted on your website may bring you some more traffic. The way you can achieve it is simple: publish it to some more popular resources, which are created for submitting a content. We are talking about the articles submission directories at the moment.

There are many such kinds of directories on the web. Their main aim is delivering a content to the end user. Millions of articles, concerning different topics are published on such websites. Everyone can submit his article there, wait for the moderation and get a backlink from the trusted website. But what is the main purpose of such a publishing? Let’s find out more about that.

There are various strategies, used for promoting a website. You can simply publish an article at your project. Or you can use someone else’s platform, submitting your content there. Or, let’s say, you can exchange the content with some other website, getting the backlinks as well. One of the options, for sure, is using the article directories.

It’s simple and may be effective if you do everything right. All you need is writing an article and posting it there, inserting the link to your blog or website. Then you should wait for approval and check if the article was posted. You get two benefits from this strategy: a traffic from a popular article directory and a backlink from a trusted website at the same time. Repeating this strategy gives you more traffic and more Google trust as well.

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