Personalization is your key to success

If you ask any marketing specialist about the best way to get traffic to your website, he will definitely answer that it’s a personalized approach to your client. It’s like becoming the best friend to your customer, whose advice matters a lot. But how do the companies use this technique? How do they personalize their offers? Let’s talk about it!

The first thing we should mention is that the times when not personalized, not targeted well, spammy advertising worked, have gone. Today, sending a million of email messages to different, random people, you will hardly get any conversion. Instead, you will spend some hundreds of dollars to organize this process.

However, launching a well-targeted Facebook (or Adwords) campaign with a tiny budget of $5 still may bring you 1-2 conversions (depending on the niche). Looks weird, isn’t it? But there is nothing weird in this fact. Today only the targeted advertising works; that’s why personalized articles are much more effective.

Imagine yourself being a customer. You have two different product descriptions, asking you to buy one single product. But while one text is written not personally, but to the wide audience; another is addressed to you. You understand that it’ focused on solving your problem. Which text will make you buy this product? The answer is obvious.

That’s why marketing specialists are sure: doing personalization is the best approach. Try to define, who is reading your text and modify it in accordance with this.

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