Why links are good for your articles?

The majority of the website owners used to think that links from their website to some other projects are not so good for their SEO ranking. Really, the outcoming links, as a rule, may lower your SEO parameters, if they lead to some other, irrelevant resources. You should also avoid turning your website into a trash box of links.

However, it’s not correctly to say that all of the links are bad. Linking is a normal thing in SEO, and Google understands that. There won’t be any sanctions from its side if you simply put some helpful links for your visitors. That’s why we would like to advise you to use this strategy. At the very same time, you should use links in your articles wisely.

The first thing you should remember is the relevance of the website, which you create a link for. It should be a relevant resource with a really helpful info for your visitors. No doorways, link directories and so on. Only the ‘white’, good projects which can help your visitors to learn more about some question.

The positioning of the link is important as well. You should better avoid putting links in the sidebar or footer. It is good for placing the links to your partners or for making credits. The most ‘organic’ links are placed in the article itself. They should be surrounded by the text, so it will be the real sign of a natural, but not a sponsored link.

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