Writing for humans, not for the search engines

There is one commong mistake, made by many bloggers. It relates to writing the content on your website, choosing the writing style and the topics. I’m talking about making a choice – whether you write for humans or for the search engines.

In the first case, you choose something really interesting, not just trendy. And the style of a writing differs as well – you use more interesting, informative and easy-reading language for communicating with your reader. However, this approach may be used by some large news websites or some popular resources with their own community of visitors.

Another case is related to a smaller (or even to some new blogs), which need to get promoted through the search engines for getting more visitors. The authors, who run these websites, don’t think of people, reading their articles. They use more ‘catchy’ headings, more SEO-optimized texts with insertedd keywords, which result in a higher ranking in the SERP (though, these webmasters think so). It’s not always like that.

Many people, who are dealing with different online-projects, say, that the ‘human-oriented’ articles are better, than the ‘optimised’ ones. And there are several reasons for this.

First of all, such kind of content gets your readers more engaged with your content. People, who read your blog, will be more interested in your website. Second – the behavioral factor. It plays a great role, because the search engines track the way your visitors behave. It also influences your positions. Third – the social networks. People can share an interesting content only, but not some SEO-optimized set of posts.

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