Keyword density tips for your website

It’s a widely known fact that Google, as well as any other search engine, uses keywords to rank the websites and drive traffic to them. People, making search queries, type in the keyword phrase they are interested in. After this, they see the results page and choose the website they prefer to visit. For sure, the higher your website is, the more visitors it is going to get.

SEO specialists always use keywords, in order to promote the website and get more traffic. They pick the less competitive phrases, write or buy some optimized articles for these keywords and publish them, using their website. In such a way an SE-optimized content appears.

But the density of the keywords you use is an important factor. It’s not allowed to publish a column of keywords on your website, in order to get traffic, seeking these words. Doing this, you will get banned by all of the search engines. This strategy was used by the creators of doorways. The density of the keywords should be picked wisely so that your website won’t be spammed with the SEO-phrases.

According to various SEO-experiments, made by different specialists and bloggers in this field, the optimal density equals 2-3%. It’s a ‘natural’ amount of keywords in the text. If it has more, it may be a sign that the text is spammed with the KWs; and if the density is lower, it may be not enough optimized for promoting it with this phrase.

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