New ideas to write about

If you run a website, especially – several ones, – you may face a problem, which may be called ‘the lack of ideas’. It’s a pretty common problem for creative people, like photographers, designers, writers and so on – for those, who create something, being inspired. If you run your blog, related to some certain topic, you may face this problem as well – at one moment you will have nothing to write about. That’s when our today’s article will help you.

In this post, we’d like to describe a simple technique, which allows finding some interesting ideas to write about. It’s quite a productive way to generate them, because you can repeat the process as many times as you wish, wasting not so much time for this. So, here is the technique itself.

Psychologists recommend you to choose some quiet place and get calmed. In this situation, your inspiration starts working the best. After that, you should start thinking about the general topic of your project and its niche. You have to answer several questions, which will bring you the ideas you need. For example: “what makes this niche so attractive to you?” or “why is this niche better than the others?” More questions: “what tools are used in this niche?” and “Who is the most successful in your niche?”. The number of questions is not limited – you can continue creating and asking them.

As a result, you get several answers (which should be written on a sheet). Using them, you can finally generate new ideas. Write about the most successful people, about their success and failures. Express your attitude. Make a research, and so on. Good luck!!


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