Guidelines may produce a huge amount of traffic for your website

Do you know This project is one of the most popular in the world, working in the niche of guidelines (so-called ‘How to’ articles). Of course, it’s far not the only example of a successful project which deals with tutorials and guidelines. Thousands of smaller websites are popular and highly demanded as well. The niche itself is aimed at connecting more users with really useful projects.

Why people need websites with guidelines?

The need for guidelines is permanent. Everyone faces new problems in different niches: you lost your Apple ID pass and you’d like to recover it; you installed some malware programme that shows you some annoying ads; your car was broken and you’d like to detect the issue. The examples may be countless, but all of them lead to searching for some information. That’s where a person in trouble needs a good and informative ‘how to’ project. That’s where you may offer your website.

What should I start writing about?

Guidelines are great, but this niche is extremely competitive. Tonnes of websites like exist; their contributors generate hundreds of articles, related to different problems. That’s why starting writing: “How to install Windows 7” or “How to start a blog” is a stupid solution – your website won’t have any chances to beat the competition. Instead, you should focus on some narrow niche, dealing with specific questions.

That’s why doing an article marketing in ‘guidelines’ niche should be started with a good research. Find a niche then find a range of problems that were not described on the other websites yet. And launch your project with hundreds of posts, describing the solution.

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