Is guest blogging still effective?

Such a tool of the content marketing, as guest blogging, has been known for several years already. Many bloggers exchange with posts, writing to each other’s projects. However, the same strategies are being used even today. Does it mean that guest blogging still works? And can we use it for promoting our business?

Well, several things should be clarified. The first one is the quality of the blog we are going to post our article to. If it’s a really old and trustworthy project with many subscribers and followers, you will definitely benefit from exchanging with blog posts with it. From the other point of view, it’s not that easy to find such a project that would be ready to work with you (especially if your own blog is new).

The obvious thing you shouldn’t do is posting to spammy, projects with lots of external links and without a useful and interesting content.

The second thing that should be clarified is the outcomes that you expect. Do you want to get good SEO rankings for your blog after the guest posting? Or maybe you’d like to simply have more traffic from the guest blog? Or should you combine your strategies for both of the aims?

Analyse the blog that you would like to work with and you’ll see on your own, how can it influence your rankings and what is the amount of traffic you can count on from it. Also, pay attention to other guest posts on that blog and analyse their quality.


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