Why does a length of the article matter?

While doing the article marketing, you should watch for several parameters. With no doubt, any article should be interesting and informative enough, in order to attract your visitor and make it stay on your website. For achieving success in this approach, you should pick the right topic, make a good research and provide your reader with some really useful stuff.

At the very same time, while writing the articles, you should watch the amount of content you provide. It has some important meaning as well. Let’s discuss the issue of the length of your articles in this post.

So, the question ‘how long should be the article for SEO?’ is a quite popular one. It is asked by the majority of the websites owners, who promote their projects. We can call this question a reasonable one. From the one side, writing the long article is not effective. The more content you buy – the more expensive it is: 1000-words article will cost less than 3000-words one. It’s obvious. Another disadvantage of writing the long articles is the amount of time, spent by the visitor to read it. Some people may leave the website, concerning this article to be too long for them.

From the other point of view, small articles may contain a too low amount of information, being useless. That’s why you shouldn’t pick this strategy either.

The best way for any owner of the website is choosing the ‘golden middle‘. It means that writing the articles that would be 300-700 words long is the approach. It is neither too long nor too short.

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