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Using Article Directories For Marketing

The internet is one of the cheapest and most widely used forms of marketing today, and every day there more and more people taking advantage of this. Although there are many ways to go about this, one way that is highly effective is using Article Directories, which are website that allow people to their articles for free. Many businesses use article directories to inform readers about their company’s product or services and then link it back to their business’s website. Although there are hundreds of article directory websites, a well-written article that is Search Engine Optimized can easily increase traffic to the intended website. There are some things to consider when using article directories and here are a couple tips that can help you make the right decision.

Is It In The Budget

Making sure that your article has the intended marketing affect, you need make sure that the article is well-written by SEO writers who have done some research on what keywords would bring the most traffic. You will want to make sure that an investment in an SEO writer will bring the intended visits.

Find The Right Article Directory

Since there are hundreds of article directories available, finding one that meets the needs of your company is important. You will want to make sure that the directory has an author or research box and has a space for you to fill in information about your business, such as company, website, job title and maybe even a short biography.

How to develop an article marketing strategy for your project?

In order to make your project successful, you should plan your marketing strategy first. It allows raising your project’s popularity and earnings, driving your business to the next level. In this article, we’d like to give you some simple tips, related to building your marketing strategy of the project.

1.Start with your USP.

USP is for ‘unique selling proposition’. To tell the story short, it’s your product or service and their strong sides. You should know, why do you sell it and why should anyone buy it.

2.Describe your market.

After learning more about your product, you should search more information about your market – your customers. Who are these people? How can you find them? What is the way you can reach them?

3.Connect product and market.

When you see the benefits of your product and the information, concerning your customers, you should connect them. Set the ways your product or service can be sold – and you get the scheme of your whole business.

4.Think more of the tools.

Now you see the real methods you can reach your audience. Now it improving these methods. Think of the tools you can deliver your content to the end user. Find a way they are able to read it. And focus your attention on this marketing channel.

There are three real things you should think of the most. They are:

  • the uniqueness of your product;
  • the preferences of your customer;
  • the budget of your project marketing.

Guest blogging: the new trend in a blogging society

Actually, the guest blogging as a trend is so new at all. It was used for several years already, so many people have tried this form of promotion. And the results of those tests can’t be called ‘good’ or ‘bad’ definitely. They vary, due to the different conditions of these experiments.

But the first thing we should mention is a very term of ‘guest blogging’. What is that?

GB is a form of cooperation between the blog owners, when two or more bloggers contribute their posts to each other, exchanging with the links in these articles. This is a great tool for blog promoting if used wisely.

The benefits from guest blogging are obvious. Firstly, a blog owner can access a new audience, contributing his article to a new group of people, who follow another blog. Secondly, it’s a chance to get new backlinks and increase your Google rankings at the very same time. Besides, post exchanges are free and lead to the increasing of the amount of content on your blog. Looks like GB is a perfect way to grow your audience with minimum efforts. But it’s not so easy, actually.

There are some threats for your project if you do too much guest blogging as well. If you choose some spammy blog with the bad reputation and low SE-rankings, it will be harmful to your website to make an exchange with its owner. So, you should carefully pick the blog you would like to contribute to.

Personalization is your key to success

If you ask any marketing specialist about the best way to get traffic to your website, he will definitely answer that it’s a personalized approach to your client. It’s like becoming the best friend to your customer, whose advice matters a lot. But how do the companies use this technique? How do they personalize their offers? Let’s talk about it!

The first thing we should mention is that the times when not personalized, not targeted well, spammy advertising worked, have gone. Today, sending a million of email messages to different, random people, you will hardly get any conversion. Instead, you will spend some hundreds of dollars to organize this process.

However, launching a well-targeted Facebook (or Adwords) campaign with a tiny budget of $5 still may bring you 1-2 conversions (depending on the niche). Looks weird, isn’t it? But there is nothing weird in this fact. Today only the targeted advertising works; that’s why personalized articles are much more effective.

Imagine yourself being a customer. You have two different product descriptions, asking you to buy one single product. But while one text is written not personally, but to the wide audience; another is addressed to you. You understand that it’ focused on solving your problem. Which text will make you buy this product? The answer is obvious.

That’s why marketing specialists are sure: doing personalization is the best approach. Try to define, who is reading your text and modify it in accordance with this.

How to make your articles bring you more traffic?

It may be a surprising fact for you, but any article that you have already posted on your website may bring you some more traffic. The way you can achieve it is simple: publish it to some more popular resources, which are created for submitting a content. We are talking about the articles submission directories at the moment.

There are many such kinds of directories on the web. Their main aim is delivering a content to the end user. Millions of articles, concerning different topics are published on such websites. Everyone can submit his article there, wait for the moderation and get a backlink from the trusted website. But what is the main purpose of such a publishing? Let’s find out more about that.

There are various strategies, used for promoting a website. You can simply publish an article at your project. Or you can use someone else’s platform, submitting your content there. Or, let’s say, you can exchange the content with some other website, getting the backlinks as well. One of the options, for sure, is using the article directories.

It’s simple and may be effective if you do everything right. All you need is writing an article and posting it there, inserting the link to your blog or website. Then you should wait for approval and check if the article was posted. You get two benefits from this strategy: a traffic from a popular article directory and a backlink from a trusted website at the same time. Repeating this strategy gives you more traffic and more Google trust as well.