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How to write an amazingly popular article?

Writing articles is fun for many people, who love blogging, social communication and so on. However, according to some statistics, available online, every day almost 2 million blog posts are published all over the world. It’s a huge amount of content, which fills the web rapidly. So that, if you start your blog with a hope, that you’ll drive some new visitors to it, you are, probably, wrong. The chances, that your posts will just get lost in this lavine of posts and notes, are high. So you should use some special strategies, in order to promote things you write. In this article, we’d like to advise you such an approach to marketing.

There is a good technique, which allows you to define, which type of content you should write next. It’s based on the reverse analysis of your competitors. The idea of this strategy is extremely simple, but the results, it can bring, are amazing.

You should start analyzing the content your competitors write. The special attention should be paid to the top-ranked posts, which became viral. This type of content has already proven its popularity among the users, so your chances for ‘repeating’ this success are pretty high.

You should take someone’s content, which has already been popular and improve it. By improving we mean adding something ‘delicious’, that will be liked by your reader. This is just stealing of the idea, which will be improved by you. After this promote your articles among people, who like this kind of content. Social networks, forums and blogging platforms may seem to be the ideal places for this.

How Internet Marketing can Help your Business?



There is a lot of buzz about internet marketing, let’s see what sort of benefits internet marketing can bring to you.  Of course there is a lot of noise about affiliated marketing programs that are crucial to promote your business. The paid affiliated marketing is core of internet marketing strategy; the benefits of internet marketing are immense for businesses.  The bottom line is “if you want community to do business with you, you want them to buy your products or hire your services or join your team; first of all they need to find you. Internet marketing is a broader term it includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Now we will discuss these marketing strategies, how these strategies can help your business to grow.

Search engine marketing is PPC (pay per click) marketing technique that is considered as quick marketing way to promote any kind of business. With proper knowledge and strategy the PPC will certainly give impressive results. PPC is a component of SEM but certainly it is cost effective way to promote your business on search engine. Some best marketing practices online that make sure better results are:

  • Keywords search
  • Ranking your Keywords
  • Improve your keywords continuously

Search engine optimization is the process in which your website will be ranked on the top page of search engine like Yahoo and Google. There are two ways of SEO;

  • On Page SEO
  • Of Page SEO

The on page SEO will focus to make your web page bug free. The on page SEO will help your website to get search engine rank and it is considered as best way to get high search engine ranking positions (SERP).  On page SEO includes;

  • Keyword density
  • SERP
  • Meta tags
  • Meta description
  • Image tagging
  • URL link structure
  • Sitemap

Off page SEO is lengthy but effective way to get traffic to your website. In this method you will do activities off page to promote your website.  The off page seo includes;

  • Article writing
  • Blog posting
  • Directory submission
  • Forum posting
  • Social media promotion
  • Social book marking
  • Link building
  • Cross linking
  • Video sharing
  • Local listing
  • Link Baiting
  • Photo sharing

Don’t follow black hat seo method, it will bring some traffic to your website but it will not last for long time period. Always focus on white hat seo techniques. Good Luck


Top Digital Marketing Strategies



Grand Article-Digital marketing

Internet marketing or digital marketing is the top process to promote your brand on internet. There are a lot of tactics and strategies being used to accomplish the goals. With internet, marketing has become much easier but effective way to promote your website. Internet surely becomes the new business model in this modern era. If you have web presence, you have to make their known to people.  Digital marketing strategies involve process to promote any business through:

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online ads
  • Email marketing

Email marketing remains top digital marketing strategy but a lot of other tactics that are swiftly reaching the top. According to the research email marketing is king in digital marketing.  A research has been conducted by a private firm shows that 45% businesses consider email as effective internet marketing strategy. About 40% believed that search engine optimization, blogging and use of social media are most successful strategy to promote your business.  However it is important to know according to the study, e-commerce marketing and mobile marketing strategy is considered as least efficient for businesses.

In the success of email marketing tactics, it is believed to be easiest way to marketing. The study reveals that only 11% people think email marketing is difficult strategy to execute. Social media marketing is top of the list as 50% people believe it is the hardest way to succeed.  Moreover, search engine optimization and article/content marketing were amongst the difficult marketing tactics to accomplish. But overall it is believed that using digital marketing strategies will bring positive results to a lot of businesses.

According to study, ninety percent of the companies rank digital marketing strategies more successful up to some extent and more than 25% companies are achieving flourishing results. It is clear that companies have a lot of motives of using internet marketing strategies. Some businesses wants to increase the sales, some companies want to engage their customers, increase in revenue and brand awareness are some of the top motives for using digital marketing tactics.

According to researchers the reduction in cost of customer service and marketing cost is least important for the top companies.

Looking for internet marketing services, you need to select the best company that can promote and market your brand in best possible way. It is costly but you will see the positive results with the passage of time.