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Personalization is your key to success

If you ask any marketing specialist about the best way to get traffic to your website, he will definitely answer that it’s a personalized approach to your client. It’s like becoming the best friend to your customer, whose advice matters a lot. But how do the companies use this technique? How do they personalize their offers? Let’s talk about it!

The first thing we should mention is that the times when not personalized, not targeted well, spammy advertising worked, have gone. Today, sending a million of email messages to different, random people, you will hardly get any conversion. Instead, you will spend some hundreds of dollars to organize this process.

However, launching a well-targeted Facebook (or Adwords) campaign with a tiny budget of $5 still may bring you 1-2 conversions (depending on the niche). Looks weird, isn’t it? But there is nothing weird in this fact. Today only the targeted advertising works; that’s why personalized articles are much more effective.

Imagine yourself being a customer. You have two different product descriptions, asking you to buy one single product. But while one text is written not personally, but to the wide audience; another is addressed to you. You understand that it’ focused on solving your problem. Which text will make you buy this product? The answer is obvious.

That’s why marketing specialists are sure: doing personalization is the best approach. Try to define, who is reading your text and modify it in accordance with this.

How to write an amazingly popular article?

Writing articles is fun for many people, who love blogging, social communication and so on. However, according to some statistics, available online, every day almost 2 million blog posts are published all over the world. It’s a huge amount of content, which fills the web rapidly. So that, if you start your blog with a hope, that you’ll drive some new visitors to it, you are, probably, wrong. The chances, that your posts will just get lost in this lavine of posts and notes, are high. So you should use some special strategies, in order to promote things you write. In this article, we’d like to advise you such an approach to marketing.

There is a good technique, which allows you to define, which type of content you should write next. It’s based on the reverse analysis of your competitors. The idea of this strategy is extremely simple, but the results, it can bring, are amazing.

You should start analyzing the content your competitors write. The special attention should be paid to the top-ranked posts, which became viral. This type of content has already proven its popularity among the users, so your chances for ‘repeating’ this success are pretty high.

You should take someone’s content, which has already been popular and improve it. By improving we mean adding something ‘delicious’, that will be liked by your reader. This is just stealing of the idea, which will be improved by you. After this promote your articles among people, who like this kind of content. Social networks, forums and blogging platforms may seem to be the ideal places for this.

Writing a good article – what should you pay attention to?

Writing is like an art – it can’t be measured or defined in any traditional way. It’s a free flow of thoughts, which is individual for any person. That’s why we can’t teach you, how you should write your articles and what you should write about. However, we can provide you with some useful tips, which can help you create your good article, become its basis. These are the tips for improving your article, making it better and easier-to-be-read. Here they are.

1.The length

The length of the article is a very important criteria. Everyone, who starts reading an article, evaluates its length first, in order to understand, how informative this article is. If you are writing the short note, it must be, let’s say, 200-250 words long. If you need some ‘How to’ tutorial, it’s better to make some longer product, in the length of 500-1000 words, etc.


Another moment, you should pay attention to, is the content. What do you write in your article about? Do you expand the topic enough for your reader? Will your article be useful enogh for those, who decided to read it? These questions define, how informative your content is. They also influence the importance of your note as well.

3.Formatting and pictures

Last, but not least question is your article’s format. Does it look like good enough? Do you have some attractive photos in your article? Answer these questions and change the format of your perfect article!

Tips to enhance writing skills:

To enhance your writing skill you need to have the skills and understanding of the basic principles of writing that includes the basic grammar and spelling.  Everyone has a reason to improve their writing, starting from the personal use of writing like communication with someone or for some of the professional reason that includes writing an article, books etc. The improving of the writing skill depend on the level of writing reasons, for the professional purpose you need to have the advance knowledge of writing grammar and  best skill of composition while for personal reason basic knowledge and basic grammar are more enough to enhance writing skills. Following we are giving some of the basic tips that can improve the skill of writing for the professional as well as for personal use:

Alert mind:

An alert mind is very important for the writer to write something because if your mind is not alert and concentration is not on the writing you cannot write well besides your all efforts.  So the concentration is important for one to write his or her best.

Grammar and skills of writing:

More grammatical mistakes can bore the reader the best will be the write if it’s according to the Basic English composition and grammar. So to be the best writer you need to have basic knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and proper used of tenses.

Writing and re writing:

It’s the basic law of life no one born with excellent knowledge and skills, everything can be learn by again and again practice. Determination improves the writing skill from the good level to excellent that will take time, a best writer knows from the determination. Make daily writing practice for the reason choose your favorite newspaper or magazine and write any of it article with your own idea and words.

Re check writing:

After writing any article read it at least two times, in the first time you will determine some of the basic grammatical mistakes while in the second time reading you will improve the composition of the words and their format. Always write with fresh mind and when completed the writing, take a short break for refreshment then re check the written that will easily find out any mistake.

Write to the point:

 Don not use unnecessary words and write to the points and sample.  When writing for the web, the words should be small so that every type of computer user can read. Not much complex writing that the readers need to use dictionary for understanding.  Also remove unnecessary words.

Using of spellchecker tools:

No one is perfect every one making mistakes so to reduce these mistakes in writing use spellchecker tools that will easily point grammar mistakes.

These were some of the basic tips that can enhance the writing skills for any writer.

Article Marketing Tips That Can Help You Be More Successful

Don’t miss out on one of the best marketing techniques on the web today just because you aren’t familiar with the process. Article submission is one of the easiest marketing methods online, and it’s low-cost too. If you use tips like those referred to in this article, you will find success in utilizing articles to market your business, products, and services.

Keep it short and sweet. Your content should not be full of rambling sentences, or you may lose the attention of the person you need most- your reader! While telling stories are a great way to get your reader involved and comfortable, you shouldn’t alienate them by forcing them to read a biography. Get to the point!